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Waterparks in Chiemsee near

The Chiemgau thermal baths in Bad Endorf
- an iodine thermal brine bath

The special water of the Chiemgau thermal baths in Bad Endorf. Nature meant the Chiemgau thermal baths particularly well. Only very few healing fountains in Europe are covered with such an abundance of active ingredients.

The Therme Bad Endorf has a very high water quality due to its iodine thermal brine water. The water comes from the depths of the earth into the thermal pools. The highly concentrated iodine water is one of the strongest iodine and thermal brine sources in Europe. It nestles softly against the house and unfolds its healing power. The body feels a pleasant relief and the movement in the thermal water is pleasantly easy. The muscle building is promoted in a gentle way. Warmth and water composition stimulate the blood circulation, stimulate the metabolism, strengthen the immune system and relieve muscles and joints. New scientific studies prove that medicinal thermal water is also a natural medicine against stress and burnout.

Regular opening times of thermal bath, sauna and wellness / spa

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the iodine thermal bath in Bad Endorf

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