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Summer hike Unterwössen - Balsberg -Häusleralm - Chiemhauseralm - Achberg - DASSAU

DASSU - past the German Alpine Gliding School Unterwössen

Distance and time: 15 km, 480 meters altitude, approx. 5 hours

Characteristic (well suited in spring and autumn):

located intermediate level walk and mountain tour is the passage through the mountain forest and friendly pastures, where the first two hours of hiking the same contain the decisive altitude gain. As a further treat the trip to one of the most precious sacred buildings in Achental and the view down to a still quite original flow path of the Tiroler Ache be mentioned. Also suitable for older children, pleasant resting and Refreshments lies about half the distance.


Seebruck - Chieming - Marquartstein - Unterwössen


Parking valley station Balsberg

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