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Bootsliegeplätze am Chiemsee

Guests sailing berth in the marina or at Seebruck Guest riser ditch

The location of the sailing marina:

The marina in Seebruck connects directly to the SeeHotel Wassermann. The guest jetty trench is gegebüber the marina. The SeeHotel cross the Alz bridge goes about 50 meters and comes as the host web ditch.

the sailing marina:

The harbor is a municipal facility of the municipality Seebruck, which was built in the seventies and is in its capacity as one of the largest marina on the Chiemsee. The harbor has 350 berths and at the jetty in trench 50 guest berths. Both ports have an additional 100 dry berths.

Facilities of the marina facility:

2 cranes with 2 and 8 tonnes, Laundry with waste disposal, crane and washing operation including weekends, 2 slipways, 2 Takelmasten, weather station, sanitary facilities, bilge water disposal, waste container, W-Lan, outdoor screen, brochures, glass, paper and tin containers, figurehead.

Information for guests with their own sailboat:

For the marina management Mr Ziereis is responsible in the tourist info in Seebruck.
Tourist Info Seebruck, Am Anger 1, 83358 Seebruck, Tel. 08667-7139 o. 7134
The harbor master Tel. 08667-809282

Berth in the water (max. 4 weeks) per day 8.- + VAT.
Dry dock per day 4.- + VAT.
Duration Guest boat (min. 150 days) 1200.- + VAT.

Are the sanitary facilities of the marina are available Shower, Chemieklo drain and toilet. The Schlüsssel you get a deposit. Upon arrival you log in to the harbor master, the berth will allocate (daily. And Saturday and Sunday 8:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 5:00 p.m., Tel. 08667-7134).

The port regulations must be observed and the instructions of the harbor master to be obeyed. Crane and Slipvorrichtungen exists. For the introduced boat liability insurance is complete. For the water depth There is no guarantee.

For this purpose there is a separate registration form where you specify the exact data of your boat from the marina management. You will then be sent to a corresponding lease. Awarded with the "European Blue Flag". The port received in the years 1993 to 2001, the Environment Award and the "Clean Lake Plaque".

General Info for the sailors on the Chiemsee, with mooring Info

On the Chiemsee prevails approval and authorization. You should personally with the responsible Mr. Maier in the district office Traunstein, Ludwig-Thoma-Str. 3, 83278 Traunstein speak. Mr. Maier Tel. 0861-58495 or
woman Stoeger Tel. 0861-58496 o. 497th


For sports motorboats with combustion engines is not obtained permission. Sport boats, motor with electric motor to be approved for an unlimited period. For guests with electric motor boats also granted the District Office a simplified approval guests. No driver's license.


A special permit to travel on the Chiemsee need -Segelboote with auxiliary motor 4 KW motor cabin with living,
or sanitation - Large sailing vessels over 9.20 m length.
One technical approval require additional -all sailboats with auxiliary engine -Kajütboote with living,
or sanitation. No driver's license.
For visiting boats with approval or accredited boats district office Traunstein granted simplified
guest permits for a certain time.

Ride on the auxiliary motor:

Segler vehicles may be moved to the auxiliary engine only to bring the crew and the boat when occurring hazards in safety.
The complete reference text for water sports from the water police
Chiemsee you can call us.

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