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Munich, capital of the beautiful Bavaria, offers many possibilities to experience a wonderful day of a holiday. Starting from our hotel, Munich is a 1-hour car drive away. Munich is famous for its Oktoberfest (Munich Beer Festival) and football. Furthermore, there are several sights.


The Munich Oktoberfest, also called “die Wiesn” is the largest public festival in the world. Every year, roughly 6 millions visitors from all over the world come to the “Wiesn”. The public festival is named “Wiesn” as it takes place on the “Theresienwiese” (open space). Many years ago, King Ludwig married his wife Therese. Today, the famous public festival portrays itself as a sea of lights. Through the several fairgroung ride and fairman shops, as well as the typical Bavarian beer tents, it offers something t almost anyone, either children or adults. This year, Munich is celebrating the 175. birthday of the Oktoberfest. It just belongs to Munich

Viktualienmarkt (daily market in Munich)

From a typical farmer's market, the Viktualienmarkt developed to a famous shopping place for gourmets. The market gets its flair by the handling, the variety and the exclusivity of its product range. The total area of the market amounts to 22.000 sqm. Nearly everything what the gourmet desires can be found here.From flowers, over exotic fruits, venison, poultry, spices, cheese, fish, juices, and many more products can be bought here. If you visit Munich, the Viktualienmarkt is, in any case a must-do.

Englischer Garten (English garden)

The English Garden is the perfect place in order to find some rest after the exhausting shopping expedition through Munich’s city centre. It is the largest inner city park in the world.Here, you can relax and eat a snack in one of the different pub gardens, e.g. at the Chinese tower, Seehaus, Hirschau and Aumeister, the Monosteros (Greek castle) with a splendid view over the cities´ towers as well as the Japanese teahouse. Indulge yourself in a walk through the beautiful park and enjoy the day.

Fürstenried castle

The former hunting chateau is also called “klein (little) Nymphenburg von Effner”. Mr Effner created a castle with a linden tree-lined road, which was directed to the Frauenkirche (women’s church), situated 8 km away. For King Otto, brother of Ludwig II, the Wittelsbach hunting residence became his refuge for the overnight stay betwenn1883 to 1916. Today, it is the retreat house of the Archdiocese.

“Hellabrunn” Munich animal park

In 1911, the Munich animal park was created as the first geological zoo in the world. Via changeful morales, it offers impressive pictures of the natural habitats of the conservation region of the Isar (German river) in every season. The animals feel very comfortable by the species-appropriate husbandry. Visitors can observe the animals without any disturbing bars or fences.

Sea Life

A great attraction of the Olympic park is Sea Life. Discover the subterranean world of Sea Life in the surroundings of the ice stadium and the Olympic lake. Over 10.000 fishes from 120 animal species are waiting to be visited by curious and marvelling visitors. In our tropical area, visitors can observe exotic sea dwellers.

Bavaria film studio

Fun for the whole family! Simulate the character of your favourite actors and explore their sets. In a guidance, you can investigate the film world.

Allianz Arena

The Allianz-Arena is a special attraction, which was finished and inaugurated in the North of Munich in 2005. The Allianz-Arena removed the Olympic Stadium as the centre of the Munich football. The 2760 air cushions are the eye-catcher which adorn the outside cover of the Allianz Arena. The colours white, red and blue illuminate the whole surroundings.

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