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Large Latsch field circuit - hike through the Burghamer felts

Round trip from SeeHotel Wassermann approx. 8 km.

You start at the SeeHotel Wassermann, pass the Maypole on the right and the Rathaus-Baugrube (City Hall will be rebuilt), straight ahead on the Römerstraße or the Chiemsee-Rundweg to the west. Here you reach the parking lot of Esbaum. There you cross the state road and go right past the nursery, on a paved road slightly uphill to Burgham. In Burgham at a junction follow this to the left. At the last houses of Burgham this road then turns into a forest and meadow path in the Burghamer felts. There you always follow the small green hiking signage to the viewing platform in the Hochmoor. The path then continues to Straßham, where you again meet the state road. Here you go a very short distance along the main road to the Malerwinkl and then come on the Chiemsee-Rundweg Esbaum back to Seebruck.

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