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Rundweg Ischler Achen, Roitham über Grafenanger

Circular route from the SeeHotel Wassermann approx. 11.5 km

Starting at the SeeHotel, you will pass through the village at the Landgasthof zur Post, then climb uphill to the turn-off for Seeon. Here you follow the sidewalk, past the prefabrication company Regnauer to the EDEKA market at the end of town. Here you go on the pedestrian and bicycle path parallel to the road via Pullach to Ischl. At the end of Ischl, turn left onto an unpaved road that leads you along the Ischler Achen along Leiten to the federal road. On this you have to go a short distance to the junction Roitham. Here you turn left and go to the center of the village to a small church. Here you turn left and follow the path towards Stöttham - Fembach. Attention! At the junction Grafenanger follow this way. If you split your way, turn right and then pass the desolate Grafenanger. They walk around the farm and then head south across a meadow path. There you cross a bridge over a stream and continue on the forest path until you come to a tarred road. Turn left to get to Burgham. In Burgham keep to the right and follow this road to the perennial nursery in Esbaum. There you cross the main road and come back to Seebruck.

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