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Fishing in the Chiemsee region

The Upper Alz the fish water of the
SeeHotel Wassermann

The SeeHotel Wassermann also includes the fish water of the Upper Alz, which is now leased to the government of Upper Bavaria. The government of Upper Bavaria leased the upper part of the Upper Alz to the Unterhochstätt fishing association and the lower part to the Chiemsee fishing association. The Upper Alz begins at the Alz Bridge in Seebruck and is divided into two different routes. The first section begins at the Alzbrücke Seebruck and ends shortly before Pullach, the Eichgruber Rohrwiese, river km 60.8. This is where the second section begins, which continues down to the Bifuß, where the Alz splits around an island. Where the two arms flow together again, the Upper Alz, at the 57.8 km river, ends.
These limits are marked by boards.

From April 1st to December 31st, house guests can purchase
fishing permits for the Obere Alz from us at the hotel.

For the upper part of the upper Alz, i.e. from the Alzbrücke Seebruck to just before Pullach (Eichgruber Rohrwiese Fl. Km 60.8), the day ticket costs € 19 or for young people (up to 18 years) € 12.

For the lower section of the Upper Alz, shortly before Pullach (Eichgruber Rohrwiese) to Point near the Bifuss Islands (Fl. Km 57.8) and for the section of the Lower Alz from E-Werk Truchtlaching opposite the Camba Bavaria to the weir (even in the canal from the E-Werk) in Höllthal. For these routes you will receive the day ticket for € 27, for children € 15, the weekly ticket (7 days) € 78, for children € 40.50. External interested parties can get the cards from Erich Niedermeier in Pullach Tel. 0151-26657754,  

For these fish routes in the Alz you can only fish from the shore.

Fish water Upper Alz

Conditions and conditions:

- two hand fishing rods are allowed; Night fishing allowed until midnight CET (CEST until 01:00 a.m.)
- Feeding is NOT allowed the Bayer regulations. Fisheries law must be observed
- fishing only allowed from the shore
- Caught fish are to be entered immediately in the catch list overleaf. The catch list is to be returned to the issuing office after the end of fishing.

Restrictions on fishing:  

Fish species


Gentle measure

Closed season


1 piece

70 cm



1 piece

55 cm

01/01 - April 30th


2 pieces

35 cm



2 piecess

28 cm

Legal Gentle measure


1 piece

35 cm

Legal Gentle measure


4 pieces

40 cm

Legal Gentle measure




without catch limit

Max. 5 fish to be caught  

The cards for the Alz are issued to hotel guests at the reception by SeeHotel Wassermann.
The day tickets for the lower half of the Upper Alz (Eichgruber Rohrwiese to Point) are available from the following address: Erich Niedermaier, Pullach 16, 83358 Seebruck, Tel. 0151- 26657754,

Here all information as pdf

On the Chiemsee:

Of course you can also fish in the Chiemsee. The most important representatives of the fish world in the Chiemsee are reef, bream, eel, arctic char, lake trout, perch, pike and pikeperch. You can also get more information at

Issuing points for fishing permits:

• Tourist-Information Seebruck, phone 08667-7139, e-mail:
• Kurverwaltung Prien, phone 08051-6905-10, e-Mail:
• Verkehrsamt Gstadt, 83257 Gstadt, phone 08054-442, e-Mail:
• Holmer Lex, 83256 Frauenchiemsee, phone. 08054-479 oder 603, e-Mail:

Towing and indicator cards from the boat and shore:

1 day

€ 14,-

1 week

€ 46,-

2 weeks

€ 60.-

1 month

€ 88,-


€ 190,-

Reduced for club members € 175,-
Issuer fee: € 3 per ticket

Discounts. 50% for severely injured people from 60% + 50% for young people from 10 to 18 years

Other fishing opportunities in Chiemgau :

Alz: Truchtlachinger weir to Höllthaler weir Fish stock: eel, grayling, brown trout, barbel, perch, stubborn, chub, pike, carp, asp, tench, catfish, whitefish, rainbow trout; Permits: Erich Niedermaier, Pullach 16, 83358 Seebruck, phone 0151-26657754

Traun: Fish population: grayling, brown trout, rainbow trout, chub; Permits: Hunting and fishing Roman Winkler, 83278 Traunstein, phone 0861-4279, homepage: 

Tyrolean Ache or Weißache Ache: Fish stock: trout, grayling, huchen;
Permits: Karl Ehnle, phone 08642-283, email

Hartsee: Fish stock: pike; Permits: Hartseestüberl, phone 08056-1097

Simssee: Fish stock: eel, vine, pike, pikeperch; Permits: Josef Sandbichler, 83083 Riedering,
Tel. 08036-9088252 Restaurant Liebl, 83071 Stephanskirchen, phone 08036-8341

Obinger See: Fish population: red feather, roach, bream, tench, carp, pike, eel, zander, catfish and perch; Permits: Stationery Schugg, 83119 Obing, phone 08624-2267; Homepage: 

aginger See: Fish stock: pike, walleye, catfish, lake trout, eel, carp, tench, roach, bream, chub, perch, arbor, red feather; Permits: Fischerei Kneidl, 83329 Tettenhausen, Tel. 08681-4262 Campingplatz Horn, 83329 Waging, phone 08681–227, e-Mail:  

Thalhammer Mühlbach, Achenbach, Murn: Fish stock: barbel, perch, thick-headed, chub, pike, carp, tench, catfish, whitefish; Permits: Gut- und Forstverwaltung Schloss Amerang, Tel. 08075-91920, email:

For all bodies of water, fishing permits are only issued on presentation of the State Fishing License.

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