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EFA-Automobile Museum in Chiemgau

due to renovations expected to close in the summer of 2018

The "EFA Museum for German Automobile History" is dedicated to the hundred-year history of human ingenuity since the beginnings of automobile construction in Germany. The idea for the establishment of this private museum came from the entrepreneurial family Freiberger, based in Amerang, whose concern was to make the development of the German automotive industry accessible to the public.

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The erstwhile Hofmark Amerang is today an economically ambitious place in the Chiemgau with over 3,000 inhabitants, to whose prosperity also the family Freiberger contributed, to which the automobile museum owes its establishment. Not only the castle, but also the beautiful parish church (around 1500) with its impressive grave monuments of the former lords of the castle reminds of earlier times.

A museum tour reveals all epochs of the history of the car, from the Benz patent motorcar built in 1886 to the latest models of the present. The sample copies of the most well-known type classes are presented close up and for taking pictures. In addition to scooters and small vehicles and extravagant racing and touring cars are represented. Some functional models reveal the interior of the bodies.

Very informative is also the running time band, on which the relation to other time phenomena such as fashion, home furnishings and other technical inventions in word, picture and z.T. is produced in exhibits.

source: Chiemseeagenda and Chiemsee Verlag / 04.02.2008 

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