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Chiemgau Farmland

the most beautiful tour on the north side of Lake Chiemsee

Seebruck - Trostberg - Tacherting - Peterskirchen - Schnaitsee - Rabenden - Seebruck (63 km)

Characteristics- What man thinks when he hears "Chiemgau"? Of course, to the great lake, the mountains, and to geschleckte mountain villages as from the Bavarian Bilderbüchl! But there is another, very quiet Chiemgau, with castles and markets and small towns and chapels and churches, with a very different Hoflandschaft. With individual farms, each as a small principality located in its grounds and farm names that sound more already herrschaftlich: "Hermann in Steinau", "Brunn in the Wastes", "Bichler at Mörn", "Herzog in the field" or, almost terrible: "Höllhund". Swinging farmland, left reposing without sensations, never overrun by the many and lutes. Cancels the view from the front, people, here is stand and stare and enjoy the first Radler duty. On the north!

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