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A visit to the little brother Simssee

A bathing trip from Lake Chiem to Lake Sims and over the Eggstätt-Hemhofer lake plateau

Seebruck - Eggstätt - Mauerkirchen - Baierbach - Greimharting - Rimsting - Seebruck (65 km)

Characteristic - Up here out the ice age glaciers have passed and shaped the landscape. Fells (Filzen), fens, larger and smaller lakes, individually or in groups, embedded in a hilly landscape, which is the result of many sexy millennia work. As always in glacial landscape is actually always quite merrily up and down, but the slopes are all good natured and do not require any sporting achievements. The special thing about this tour but it is "Water Wealth". Swimming pools, one more beautiful than the other, here we must from time to time provide the sports equipment to the side easily.

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