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Auf den Spuren der Herzöge

along the Alz River to Burghausen and Altötting 

Seebruck - Trostberg - Garching a. d. Alz - Burghausen - Altötting - Tüßling -
(Bahnfahrt) Trostberg - Seebruck ( 80 km + 15 km)

Characteristics - With this tour, which as a general line has the profile of the Alz, it penetrates deep into the Bavarian history. Trostberg, once Bavarian border town against Salzburg; Burghausen, the largest castle in German lands and impressive landmark of the Wittelsbach power; Altötting, the Catholic heart of Old Bavaria; everything is "out" in the truest sense of the word but also the new era presents itself:.. the inexhaustible hydropower der Alz has contributed significantly to the development of the southeast Bavarian Chemical Triangle Concerning the physical requirements, it should be noted that it almost always goes downhill . the longest section of the then inevitably uphill walking trip will most easily handled by rail, the bike did not even have to pay anything!
But beware: a tour for Strong - or for e-bikers!

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