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Bicycle rental at SeeHotel Wassermann

The latest e-bikes!

Our hotel bike rental offers high quality bikes - from city bikes to mountain bikes to e-bikes. We have touring bikes
With 7-speed hub shift and 21-speed chain shift, as well as mountain bikes also with 21-speed chain shifting. On
You can also rent children's bicycles, helmets, child seats and trailers.

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Quality bikes from Happy Bike Salzburg

Test our new e-bikes

For our bike rental we were looking for a strong partner, the Happy Bike from Salzburg. Happy Bike has a lot of experience and has put together the wheels so that you can enjoy the wonderful holiday landscape at the Chiemsee and Chiemgau as a guest with pleasure and joy. Our bicycles are from Velo de Ville and the mountain bikes from the world famous brand manufacturer Fuji Bikes. The company Velo de Ville has been designing and producing bicycles of the highest quality at the in-house manufacturer in Altenberge near Münster for 50 years. The wheels are specially adapted to the requirements of rental.

E-bikes are the latest bike boom. All our e-bikes from Velo de Ville and Fuji are equipped with the Bosch drive systems with the mid-engine. The inner bearing, the chainring and the crankshaft are a compact system. The engine is mounted at or below the bottom bracket and provides a deep center of gravity of the wheel. The support is transmitted to the crankshaft. Intelligent control as well as the finely graduated support modes efficiently and efficiently implement your wishes. The detachable displays can be controlled by only 3 buttons. Speed, average speed, total mileage, daily mileage and remaining range of batteries are easily readable. Driving mode and the desired support level can be set self-explanatory. The lithium-ion batteries provide 400 watts at 36 volts. It is equipped with a guarantee for 500 full charging cycles. After about 3.5 hours the batteries are fully charged, after about 1.5 hours to 50%. The battery cell management ECP provides protection against unbalanced cells, overcharging and under voltage. Overheating and short circuit are also prevented. With 250 watts of power, the nearly 3-kg light mid-engine supports the driver. 3 sensors calculate speed, cadence and torque, and provide a well-dosed motor support. If, for example, the wind is coming up, you have to step on the pedal to keep the pace. This is followed by the impact force sensors and a plus of the motor load. The Bosch Drive Unit is extremely efficient when it comes to energy-saving technology.  

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