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Between Alz and Salzach

from the Alztal to the Salzach and back to the Chiemsee

Seebruck - Traunreut - Tengling - Tittmoning - Trostberg - Seebruck (75 km)

Characteristics - The route this tour touches with the always Chiemgau and the earlier Salzburgian Rupertiwinkel two historically long time BEEN dynastic isolated areas. However Geographically, scenically and culturally they were always one unit and today, where only remind of the Salzach signs on the border between Bavaria and Austria, one particular may perhaps find a kind of "Baiuvarii unit". physical effort are on the whole route not required, always moves in quiet corrugation, nowhere überlaufenem farmland and immediately approached towns are completely adapted to this sedate nature of its environs.

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