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Wendelstein mountain railways

Mountain Experience wonderful Wendelstein

Wendelstein Brannenburg or from Osterhofen

Cable car from Bayrischzell-Osterhofen and rack railway from Brannenburg;
Winter travel times until April 30th, summer travel times daily
The cog railway is currently open daily until November 7th, 2021.
The cable car is also currently open daily until November 7th, 2021.

Cable car - out of order until further notice. Tel. 08023-782

Cog railway in operation, mountain rides 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., last descent 4:00 p.m., Tel. 08034-308110

Directions from Seebruck by Rimsting and Prien, then on the highway Munich-Salzburg until Inntal Dreieick. Here, take the motorway towards Innsbruck to the motorway exit Brannenburg. Or the scenic drive, just before Rimsting right up to Frasdorf, then the Samerberg to Nussdorf am Inn and then Brannenburg.

The Wendelstein in the most panoramic peaks between Munich and Salzburg. This can be easily reached by cog railway or cable car. Once at the top you will surely find your personal mountain experience: A scenic hike, worth seeing as the Cave, a culinary pampering in the panoramic restaurant, or in the winter sporting challenge at the ski resort Wendelstein and more.

The Wendelstein Visitors can look forward to more comfort since the last summer season: In addition to the appearance of the yellow Wendelstein cabins and the interior has been revamped. Some 800,000 euros were (as the technically correct term) invested for renovations to the large cabin aerial tramway. Due to fire safety regulations the Wendelsteinbahn had to invest additional 250,000 euros in the creation of a second emergency exit at the mountain station.

Once the summit and back! Beyond the operating times of the Wendelstein mountain railways:

Wendelsteinbahn GmbH Postal address / Administration Building:
Kerschelweg 30, D-83098 Brannenburg,
phone: 08034-308-0, fax: 08034-308-106,
e-mail:; Internet:


Hours of operation:

Once summit and back! The following tables show the 2017 summer driving time of the Wendelstein cogwheel railway in Brannenburg.

Link to schedule the cable car from Bayrischzell-Osterhofen:

Once Wendelstein mountain station and return by cable car in Osterhofen-Bayrischzell! The following table lists the summer and winter timetables of Wendelstein Cable Car and the factory shutdowns in November and April. Travel Time Just 7 min.

Link to schedule the train from Brannenburg:

The provide information and departure times at the request stops Mitteralm (1.200m) and Aipl (980 m) are V. A. for hikers interesting who want to travel in the summer months, individual sections on foot.

Please note: half-hourly if necessary driving. The trains stop at the request stops Mitteralm (1,200 m) and Aipl (980 m), when spaces are for boarding only free! No seat reservations on the train! Weather-related limitations of the Roadmap possible! Automatic daily timetable announcement on tel. 080 34-308-112. Unscheduled special trains by agreement. 

The Wendelstein ring line

Bus around the Wendelstein

Leave your car Simply drop are and use environmentally friendly means of transport in the region! With the buses of the Wendelstein ring line can be reached 30.05. to 01.11.2020 convenient for both base stations of the Wendelsteinbahn, the starting point of your hike or attraction of your choice.

Link to the Webcam's:


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