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Kitesurfing on the Chiemsee

The new trend sport:
You can go kiting high up in the air over the Chiemsee!

Kitesurfing is growing in popularity. In the Chiemgau and especially on the Chiemsee there are plenty of opportunities to practice this sport. With the kite board pulled by a kite or parachute, you can take you from the water into the air above the Chiemsee.

Unfortunately there are no kitesurfing schools at Chiemsee!

Information about kite sports in Seebruck .......... 

Information from Kiteboarding Chiemsee e.V. (KBC)
The association is the official contact for authorities and offices. On behalf of all kiteboarders, the association tries to ensure that kite operations run smoothly at the official Chiemsee kite spots.
KBC e.V. is happy to answer any questions at any time by sending an email to

Corona and kiting at Chiemsee !


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