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Paragliding in the Chiemgau

The flying areas for paragliding from the Hochfelln, the Hochgern over the Kampenwand and the Hochries to the Inn valley to the Wendelstein .

Spielplatz Natur - Tandem-Paragliding

Florian Schroll, Staller 2, 83370 Seeon / Chiemgau, 
mobil: 0176-99815070, email: 

Süddeutsche Gleitschirmschule PPC Chiemsee GmbH

Hamprechtsau 1, 83246 Unterwössen / Chiemgau,
phone 08641-7575, Mobil: 01512-4031776, email:, homepage: 

Flying area Hochfelln / Bergen
- The flight area for early starters in Chiemgau

The flying area Hochfelln near Bergen is the first choice for professionals in the paragliding scene when it comes to long cross-country flights or long flights with good thermals. However, you have to get up early because the so-called “start window”, i.e. the ideal time to start, is always very short. Even for tandem flying, the pilots in this flying area are relatively early on the mountain.
The reason for the early morning flights is the eastward sloping starting slope of the Hochfelln. Here the first rays of the sun heat the rocks and meadows at the summit area. Even with easterly winds we are at the right place on this mountain.

Flight center Ruhpolding

Gstatt 5, 83324 Ruhpolding, phone 08663-416960, fax: 08663-416961,
email:; homepage 

Kampenwand flight area

The Mountain to fly for paragliding with a panoramic view of the Chiemsee. For paragliders, the Kampenwand is one of the oldest and most famous flying areas in Germany. The summit structure with its jagged rocks even offers easy climbing in the last few meters !


Flight area Hochries - Rosenheim's local mountain in one of the
oldest flight areas in Germany 

Flying area Hochries near the Wimmer-Alm
The Hochries can be reached on various and very beautiful hiking trails mostly from the north side. The route via the middle station via the Wimmer-Almen and the Seiten-Almen is particularly popular - it offers by far the most beautiful view of the Rosenheim basin,
the Inn Valley and the Wendelstein.
For training reasons, or when the train is not running, paragliders also go on foot along these hiking trails up to the Hochries flight area. If you are close to the summit, the Seiten-Almen (not cultivated) with a fountain invite you to take a break. From here you have the most beautiful view of the Inn Valley and the Samerberg.

Flight area Sudelfeld - Bayerisch Zell Wendelstein

Flying area Sudelfeld above the Walleralm

The approach from Seebruck to Wendelstein on the Sudelfeld. Either via Rimsting, Wildenwart to Frasdorf and then via the Samerberg to Nussdorf am Inn, via the in to Brannenburg and then to the Sudelfeld, or on the motorway to Inntaldreick on the motorway towards Innsbruck to Brannenburg. From here you can take a toll road up to the Oberen Sudelfeld and the Walleralm. The starting point is above the Walleralm and offers an exceptional view of the valley to Bayrischzell and the Tegernsee. The team from the Oberaudorf flight school has created a new launch site that leaves nothing to be desired.

The Sudelfeld - the flight area of the partner flight school Oberaudorf.
The partner flight school, the flight school Oberaudorf, is your contact for tandem flights in paragliding in this flight area!

Tandem flight in a paraglider

at Flight experience Chiemgau

Flight experience Chiemgau •

Gabi Kittelberger, Fading 35, 83122 Samerberg, phone 08032–982942;
mobil: 0152–33849199; email:

Flight school Hochries  

Robert Niederreuther, Flintsbacher Straße 6,
83098 Brannenburg; phone 08034-6079618;
email:; homepage


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